Rodial significantly improves its e-commerce effectiveness by embracing email deliverability best practices

Nous obtenons désormais de meilleurs taux de réponse à nos campagnes et partant, un meilleur ROI

Our marketplace is extremely competitive which makes share of mind critically important. This is why we focus a lot on celebrity endorsements and this is also why our email campaigns fulfill a vital role in our marketing programmes. If our emails don’t reach our customers, they don’t get the information they need and want, making strong and consistent inbox placement a top priority for us. Being a Return Path Certified sender and part of its leading whitelist program has had a tremendous effect and positively impacted our overall e-commerce effectiveness. We are now achieving higher response from our programmes as well as increased ROI."

- Eliza Wells PR, E-Commerce & Marketing Manager, Rodial

Inbox placement increased by over 25% and revenues more than tripled with Return Path Certification

Renowned skincare product specialist Rodial combines scientific and clinical expertise with a unique knowledge of natural skin treatments, bringing to market innovative skin and body products that provide a glamorous alternative to cosmetic surgery. Its products are sold through its online store as well as through a number of highly specialist retail stores and up-market department stores in 35 countries worldwide. These include Europe, the US and Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, and select countries in the Middle East.


Through its online marketing solutions provider dotMailer, Rodial sends out close to one million emails a month to generate website traffic, promote its products, and inform customers of its latest offers. Rodial relies on email marketing, PR and celebrity endorsements rather than traditional advertising to promote its products, with well-known brand advocates including Sienna Miller and Kate Moss.

With email playing such hugely successful and pivotal role in Rodial’s marketing activity, it is vital they maximize the number of messages delivered to the inbox for each campaign.

The key challenge for the Rodial marketing team is that many of their key product names – including ‘tummy tuck’ and ‘crash diet’ – are also terms typically associated with spam and liable to cause reputational issues and trigger spam filters.


Rodial’s email service provider, dotMailer, was focused on optimising Rodial’s inbox placement, regardless of potential spam filter issues with their product names. To this end, dotMailer recommended they apply to join the Return Path Certification Program.

As the largest and broadest whitelist programme in the market, Return Path Certification covers more than 2.1 billion mailboxes worldwide. ISPs use the list to help them identify the best senders of email and filter out unwanted mail. This allows the good emails to go through to the inbox, making it a list brands want to be on.

Return Path Certification’s other significant benefits for commercial senders mean images are automatically enabled at Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo!, while because Certified senders are recognised as trusted senders, links are automatically enabled. Members also receive a beneficial initial score with SpamAssasin filtering, which enables them to use words and phrases that may traditionally have caused their emails to be filtered: a feature of particular benefit to Rodial.

However, to be accepted onto the programme, businesses have to prove they adhere to Return Path’s stringent standards, and once certified, must continue to meet a rigorous set of performance-based metrics that include very low complaint and unknown user rates. dotMailer worked closely with Rodial to build a strong foundation that would enable it to progress seamlessly through the certification process and be in the best possible position once certified. Being accredited and accepted on to the Return Path Certification Program which is widely used by many leading ISPs and filtering companies resulted in more of Rodial’s emails reaching the inbox, significantly reducing the percentage filtered out as spam.

Over several months, Return Path and dotMailer measured a variety of key performance indicators, including inbox placement rate, using Return Path’s email monitoring tool, Mailbox Monitor. For each ISP, Mailbox Monitors measures how many emails get delivered into the inbox, as well as into the bulk and missing folders. It can also reveal the Sender Score, complaint rate, unknown user rate, and whether the campaign and IP passed key infrastructure and authentication checks. Throughout this process, the companies kept track of click-through rates as well as e-commerce revenue to measure the ROI of email marketing programmes.

Rodial passed all the checks, and as a responsible email sender, was successfully accepted onto the Certification Program.


Comparing KPIs before certification and immediately after, Rodial saw more than a 25% increase in emails delivered straight to the inbox, with 98.7% of its emails now reaching their target.

Certification has also had a significant positive impact on email marketing campaign responses with click-through rates increasing by more than 55%. Running a comparison on weekly revenues before Return Path Certification and after, Rodial saw revenues increase by over 200%.